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The perfect intersection of my love of performing and history has been working as a Tour Guide. In the past 5  years I have become known for my entertaining, humorous, memorable tours, with over 100 five star reviews on Trip Advisor and Viator. You will have such a great time you won't even notice how much you actually learned. Browse my tour offerings below, let's explore the greatest city in the world together you will fall in love with New York City just like I have. 

World Trade Center: Past, Present and Future

A trip to New York is not complete without paying respect to the events of September 11th. It is my goal to make the experience meaningful for anyone visiting New York. This tour includes entrance into the 9/11 Memorial reflecting pools, located in the footprints of the two towers. Before entering the memorial we will explore the area surrounding Ground Zero, which includes St. Paul's Chapel the oldest church that miraculously survived the attacks, the bronze FDNY Memorial Wall and the American Express Eleven Tear's Memorial and stories of incredible modern day heroism.

Greenwich Village: New York's Bohemia 

The Village is sure to be on the shortlist for most influential neighborhood in the United States. Edgar Allen Poe, Bob Dylan, Eugene O'Neil and Woody Allen are just a few icons with artistic roots in the Village. Walking past quaint townhouses, local watering holes from a time past and secret courtyards you will surely forget you are just miles from Times Square and the Empire State Building. The food in the village is world renown, so for an additional fee make it a food tour. Just make sure to come hungry.

Theater District: Broadway and Bright Lights 

Times Square has got bright lights, but the main attraction is the greatest theater in the world. As we walk down Broadway and weave in and out of side streets you will hear stories about larger than life characters like Florenz Ziegfeld, George M. Cohan and Marlon Brando. You will walk away with a newfound respect for Times Square as you hear the amazing story of how this American Theater mecca came to be.

All of New York in 3 Hours: Chauffeur Driven Tour

All of New York in 3 hours? It certainly sounds daunting but it can be done, especially if I am driving you. See Manhattan from Battery Park to Harlem and everything in between from the comfort of a luxury SUV. I will tell you unbelievable stories of the Brooklyn Bridge construction, the murder of New York's greatest architect and the lives of immigrants coming through Ellis Island. Just look out the window as the neighborhoods change from the Upper West Side, Theater District, to SoHo, Chinatown, Financial District, Little Italy, Lower East Side and before you know it you have seen all of New York in 3 hours


Driving Tour Pricing1-2 People: $350  3-4 People: $550  5-6 People: $700

Walking Tour Pricing: 1-2 people: $100  3-4 people: $160  5+ people: First 4 $160 + $25 per person 

For example an 8 person tour would be $260 ($160 for the first 4, plus 4 people at $25 a piece).

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